INSTAGRAM growth 2019

Consistency, post daily, engaging with your followers, DM more people, do more shoutouts….ect.

is that what you really need to grow on instagram?

My answer is “Yes, and No”. don’t get confuesed, I am going to explain

well “Yes” growth needs all of that but all of that are just accessories for your growth! what that even means? you may ask! that means the essential elements for growth is not one of what I’VE mentioned before! (S4S or engaging more or posting dai….ect.)

the essentional thing my friend is “knowing exactly what your followers want” if you could do that you will grow faster every single day, believe me because the majority of people wont comment, like or share what you are posting exept if they really liked it and engaged emotionally with it!

and now may I ask you: Do you have trouble doing that?


instagram 2019 is getting harder?


If you’re finding getting the same amount of likes, comments and followers harder than ever, you should know that you are not alone this!

Due to instagram new “algorithm” which 90% of users finds it ” stupid” the rate of reaching is dropped a lot! why? Continue reading “instagram 2019 is getting harder?”